e-Gram Collection

DISCOM-UGVCL Online e-Gram Cash Collection System

UGVCL DISCOM started Web based Online e-Gram Payment Collection Software (system) developed by AIM Infotech. This system is very useful to get live status of Daily Payment Collected at Gram Panchayat (agency)

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T&D Looses Software

T&D / AT&C Looses Management Software

T & D / AT&C Lossess Management Software computing Transmission and Distribution Loss & Aggregate Technical & Commercial Loss for feeder,Sub-division, Circle & Company as a whole by single entry at sub-division level.

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HelpDesk System

Open Source HelpDesk Support Ticket System : UGVCL DISCOM

HelpDesk Support Ticketing System developed for UGVCL. Every user of company using this user friendly system for solving their e-Urja issues. System integrated for  DISCOM like MGVCL, PGVCL, DGVCL, GETCO & GSECL.

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AIM Infotech


AIM Infotech operating from India with over five years experience now and having built literally hundreds of websites our company has a wealth of experience in the online industry. We specialise in providing cost effective web design and solutions utilising cutting edge technologies and providing easy to understand advice on all aspects of building & developing web design solutions. We want to put you ahead of your competition and in front of your customers.

We have comprehensive cost effective & secure websites available for anyone creating a new website or renewing a website to promote and advance an existing business. We cover everything that needs to be done to get an idea from paper to reality.


  • 01 Select & Budget
  • 02 Plan & Staff
  • 03 Track
  • 04 Report Costs
  • 05 Analyze & Forecast