Online Inspection Call Generation & Management System ( GETCO )

Legacy system of GETCO inspection

  • On placement of order, vendor have to submit Drawings, Type Test & MQP (Manufacturing Quality Plan) to corporate office for approval in hard copy.
  • GETCO Verifies the Documents & convey query, if any, via e-mail, letter or even in person.
  • Vendors complies and we give approvals.
  • Inspection call is forwarded by vendor through email or in hard copy.
  • Quality cell, at corporate office, ensures whether all required drawings & MQP is approved, & balance Type test reports are submitted for the offered item.
  • If found in order, inspector from Quality Team is being deputed and informed by email.
  • After Inspection of the material, the inspector submits the report in hard copy through post, courier or hand delivery.
  • Inspection wing verifies the reports & MDCC (Material Dispatch Clearance Certificate) is prepared and sent to Project Department.
  • Project Department issues Material Dispatch Instruction to Vendor.

Online Inspection Call Generation & Management System ( GETCO )

Issues with Legacy system

  • Vendor can raise inspection call without Drawings being yet to be approved / submitted, Type Test/s are yet to be carried out or even MQP is not approved.
  • Due to legacy systems, the verification of Documents takes Time and extends the period of approvals.
  • Monitoring of drawing approvals, Type test reports, MQP & Inspection calls requires repeated laborious activity of maintaining records.
  • In case any of the approval is yet pending, vendor is informed to fulfill the requirement.
  • The compliance to queries raised takes more time in most of the cases. This extends commencement period & reduces actual delivery time.
  • On receipt of call, for deputing Inspector Quality cell have to verify status of BG, Drawing, Type Test & MQP approvals. This activity takes much of the time and increase non productive work as well.

Objective of Online Inspection Call Management System

  • For reliability & safe operation of grid, quality products & inspection procedure can not be over emphasized.
  • GETCO believes in enhancing the synergy within company as well as with the supplier / vendor and consider them as partner of success.