Transmission and Distribution Losses Management System for DISCOMs

Electric power transmission and distribution losses include losses in transmission between sources of supply and points of distribution and in the distribution to consumers. We have developed online web project which computing Aggregate Technical & Commercial Loss for feeder, Sub-division, Circle & Company as a whole by single entry at sub-division level. Currently this project implemented to UGVCL DISOM and its working since 2009

What is Transmission and Distribution / AT& C (Aggregate Technical & commercial ) Losses System

  • Web Based Portal
  • It computing Aggregate Technical & Commercial Loss for feeder,Sub-division, Circle & Company as a whole by single entry at sub-division level.
  • The software takes the sold out units directly from our computerized billing to avoid any human errors.
  • Loading HT & LT Files from e-Urja.
  • The sent out units & temporary & CPP Sold out units needs to be entered manually.
  • You can manage Transmission and Distribution Losses at various levels like Feeder, Subdivision, Division, Circle and Corporate Office.

T&D / AT&C Looses Management Software

Advantages of Transmission and Distribution /AT& C  Losses System

  • Web Based Portal
  • Creates centralized database to avoid any duplication of feeders.
  • Minimizing human intervention to reach at correct Losses figure.
  • Various customized reports will help in revenue enhancement activities.
  • Lots of time saving for computing the AT&C Losses compared to Legacy system.
  • Reports are available online for any offices.
  • Sub-division engineers can compare their results with others, results in better performanance.


Transmission and Distribution Losses/AT& C Losses Reports

  • Feeder wise AT&C & T&D Loss.
  • Sub-division/Division/Circle/Corporate wise AT&C Loss
  • Category wise AT&C Loss
  • District/Taluka Wise AT&C Loss
  • Losses comparison with Last Year
  • Various comparison reports for MIS.
  • Calculating Theoretical Loss & % HTVR.
  • Monitoring for Top Feeder Manager, Feeders, Sub-divisions etc.
  • Graphics Details of T&D as well as AT&C of Feeders , Divisions and sub Division.