Online Payment Collection System: e-Gram UGVCL DISCOM

UGVCL DISCOM started Web based Online Payment Collection Software (system) designed to collect electric city bill from various Gram Panchayat (connected through eGram), Subdivision Offices, Other agencies developed by AIM Infotech. This system is very useful to get live status of Daily Cash Collection completed on UGVCL Windows and g-Gram Panchayat along with different third party Cash Collection agencies. Web Portal widely useful across all Collection Center under UGVCL to provide better consumer service at end point of collection center, to get instant status of collection center V/S remittance to bank A/C, easy to get data from center to update in existing e-Urja System etc.

DISCOM-UGVCL Online e-Gram Payment Collection System

Features of e-Gram Online Payment Collection System:

  • Portal creating new Center in System by Unique user ID & Password with unique counter name of respective Sub-Division.
  • Portal accepting automated agreement acceptance by email notification & expiry alter to center as well as to TLE,DLE & respective Office heads.
  • Validating Energy bill collection till due date.
  • Facility to collect, Print (in A4 Laser Printer & Pre-printed for DOT-Matrix Printer), modification and deletion of energy bill with automatic Receipt number for current date.
  • Dashboard facility to center user as well ass all UGVCL officers. This dashboard includes Cash, cheque collection with Used, Cancelled Receipts for current date and for selection of period.
  • Reports generation like
    • Performa – C
    • Remittance Report
    • G 21 Report for eUrja System
    • Daily, Cumulative query report like download of G-21 files for e-Urja
    • Status of Collection for particular agency as well as all centers of respective Sub-Division , Division , Circles or Corporate Office
    • Agreement expiry Reports
    • Collection V/S Remittance Reports & Summary
    • Counter details with contact number & emails
    • District wise reports
    • Emailing & SMS functionalities integration
    • Auto notification to all Center users
    • Log generation of User Login with IP & Browser used for security purpose.
    • New Connection Application

Specification of Online Payment Collection System:

  • Application Platform : Web Based Open Source
  • Technologies Used : Php-5, MySQL Server-5, Jqery, Ajax,DHTML
  • Server: Linux & Windows