Power Theft Monitoring System - Consumer Monitoring System -CMS for DISCOM

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About Consumer Monitoring System ( CMS ): Power Theft Monitoring

Consumer Monitoring System initially developed for Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited (formally known as UGVCL ) which is one of the Power Distribution Company ( DISCOM) of the Gujarat State. UGVCL Supplies power to 28 lac, domestic, non domestic, small/medium/ large industrial and agricultural consumers of north Gujarat. Since the year 2001 earstwhile GEB (Gujarat Electric City Board) has started computerized billing. The large billing database is available.

It has been realized that the billing data available can be useful to the company in many a ways like revenue protection activities, T&D Loss reduction, Vigilance activities, consumer satisfaction,Power Theft Monitoring etc.

Hence it has been decided to use this data base & design various analysis/ reports that are useful to the company. The  system such design is helpful in monitoring of consumer consumption.

Details of Consumer Monitoring System

Consumer Monitoring System is web based system/application designed by AIM Infotech. It is designed using Open source technology like PHP and Mysql Database Server.

Consumer Monitoring System provides complete billing history of LT Consumer on desk of each employee. Vigilance department analyzing analysis report of the system to monitor consumption pattern of each consumer. System provides all analysis and detail of consumer consumption like Route code, village, feeder, Zero consumption, Lock Consumer, Faulty Meter consumer, Load analysis, Tariff Analysis etc.

Why Need Power Theft Monitoring System ( Consumer Monitoring System)

  • UGVCL has 180 feeder with losses above 30%
  • UGVCL has 116 Sub-divisions.
  • More than 23 lacs consumer data
  • More than 3600 11 KV feeders
  • Large number of unmetered Agriculture consumers
  • Every month billing of about 15 lacs consumers being done.
  • Billing is done in different platform which requires integration with this system.
  • Energy accounting DTC wise is required.
  • Monitoring of Feeder loads is limited.
  • Network improvements are planned on arbitrary data

Following key analysis is available in the software.

  • Faulty Meter Analysis- Cycle Wise, Feeder Wise, Village wise, Book Wise
  • Locked Meter Analysis- Cycle Wise, Feeder Wise, Village wise, Book Wise
  • Zero Consumption Analysis- Cycle Wise, Feeder Wise, Village wise, Book Wise
  • Distribution transformer wise energy accounting.
  • Late billing report.
  • Consumer sealing records can be created & maintained.
  • Checking Records can be created & maintained.
  • Wrap Meter Monitoring
  • Slab wise Consumption Analysis
  • Village wise consumption analysis
  • Feeder wise & Village wise consumption analysis
  • Consumer PDC to Normal List
  • Released connection list
  • Pending Quality Meter Replacement List
  • Consumer Position/Consumption/Load Analysis feeder wise/ village wise
  • Whole Consumer List
  • Feeder Wise Consumer List
  • HP Wise Consumer List
  • Village Wise Consumer List
  • Faulty Consumer List
  • Locked Consumer List
  • Zero Consumption List
  • PDC Consumer list
  • Unconnected Consumer list

Advantages of Consumer Monitoring System

  • Consumption history available for each consumer in the form of units, with billing & payment details & in graphical formats.
  • Revenue enhancement details can be generated from CMS
  • Consumer Monitoring System is very useful in revenue protection activity like monitoring of Consumption pattern
  • Faulty meter
  • Locked Meter
  • Zero consumption
  • DT wise energy accounting etc.
  • Energy accounting up to Distribution transformer level.
  • Helps in Reduction of AT&C Losses
  • The analysis can be done feeder wise/ Village wise/ DT wise and even upto consumer wise.
  • Similar type of consumers clubbed in different group to monitor consumption pattern to find out any malpractice/ deviation in consumption pattern.
  • Helps for vigilance activities to identify probable theft.
  • The route wise analysis gives the facility to virtually move in the field route wise i.e. society wise/ commercial complex etc to identify probable theft.
  • Consumer consumption and all Monitoring reports available on Desk of your computer ……anytime
  • Consolidation of Reports at various level like SDO/DO/CO and Corporate Office available online
  • Data Comparison available for Division to Division, circle to circle
  • Analyzed data and Monitoring of any SDO/DO/CO & Corporate Office available on desk of DE EE SE ACE CE MD
  • Better consumer services through software